Welcome to BVC HUB

"A place for our Fans & Customers to connect, and learn”

Who is BVC ? 

You may have seen our Custom Modern Trike and Big wheel builds online and in Magazines over the last couple of years. We also have a following on YouTube ,  Instagram and TikTok. This is probably how YOU found this website. 

BVC Racing LLC - has been in business since 2005.  BVC started as a small power sports repair shop and over the years has grown into a manufacturing company shipping our own MADE IN U.S.A. 🇺🇸 products all over the world.  We Manufacture custom parts for the ATV / Dirt bike / Powersports community.    

Why You Should Join Us

 It's TIME to change how we connect with our fans online.  
Our platform is different!  Join today  -not only to connect with our awesome fans (who are just like you!) but also to see an exclusive behind the scenes look at what we do - how we do it - and future builds to come!

  **Pro level memberships will be rewarded with Bike Give-Away's** 
This could be everything from a Restored ATC up to a modern Big wheel Or Trike Build.   Lets all help each other out , all of the memberships will go into a  “build fund” so that we can keep giving custom builds away to you guys that join!  

If you have been wanting one of these builds.. now might be your chance!

In the future we will plan group events and ride days (for our pro members*) as we grow this community! We will have builds for you to Demo Ride! 
We will also bring industry Experts to be part of this online community - who will Teach YOU all the ins-and outs of Riding, Racing, and maintaining your bikes (and your body) + much more!   

A Big Thanks

To our supporters and fans of BVC since 2005... wow going on 18 years!
You guys' rock!!! We simply would not be here without you.

It is time we give back and build a community full of the "right" people.